Pizza Paratha Recipe

  • Jun 14, 2024
  • By Team Baclinc
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There is no one who will say no to pizzas or parathas. If it is Pizza paratha?! That is a definite hit among foodies and this quick and tasty recipe is sure to turn heads! 




    1. Roll the dough: Prepare the pizza dough with whole wheat flour and roll into big circles carefully.
    2. Make the stuffing: On the rolled out dough, apply some pizza sauce and add vegetables of choice such as onion, capsicum, tomato add sprinkle some Bhoj Masale pizza masala and Bhoj Masale chilli flakes on the top. Cover this with another rolled out dough and seal the edges using a spoon carefully.
  • Prepare the paratha: Now add this on a heated pan and apply butter on both the sides and cook it thoroughly.
    1. Remove the paratha from the pan and serve it on a plate!


    • You can include  this quick and tasty paratha as a lunchbox recipe and impress people!