Dhaniya Jeera Powder 400gm (Pack of 2 x 200g each)

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Welcome to BHOJ MASALE - Discover Flavours of India

Welcome to the aromatic world of Bhoj Masale’s Dhaniya Jeera Masala Powder! Our Dhaniya Jeera Masala Powder is 100% Vegan. No Colour, No Preservatives, No Onion, No Garlic. Pure Jain Masala.




This Combo contains 2 x 200 grams zip lock resealable pouch.


Health Benefits of Our Dhaniya Jeera Masala Powder

Beyond its incredible taste, our masala brings with it a host of health benefits. Coriander is known for its antioxidant properties, while cumin aids digestion and promotes overall gut health. Indulge in flavors that love you back.

Our Dhaniya Jeera Masala Powder is Chef-Approved and Loved by Home Cooks

Trusted by chefs and cherished by home cooks, our Dhaniya Jeera Masala is the secret behind many culinary masterpieces. Elevate your cooking and create memorable dining experiences for your loved ones.

Ingredients We Use to Make Dhaniya Jeera Masala Powder

Coriander Seeds (Dhaniya): The main ingredient, offering a citrusy and slightly sweet flavor.


Cumin Seeds (Jeera): Another primary component, providing an earthy and warm taste.


Black Peppercorns: Adds a subtle heat and pungency to the blend.


Fennel Seeds: Imparts a mild licorice-like sweetness.


Dry Mango Powder (Amchur): Enhances the tanginess of the masala.


Black Salt: Adds a distinct and slightly sulfuric taste.


Asafoetida (Hing): Contributes a savory and pungent aroma.


Where You Can Use Bhoj Masale’s Dhaniya Jeera Masala Powder

Curries and Gravies:


Sprinkle Dhaniya Jeera Masala in curries, to enhance the overall flavor profile. It works well in dishes like dal, chole, and vegetable curries.

Spice Mix for Rice:


  • Add a pinch of Dhaniya Jeera Masala to rice dishes, biryanis, or pulao during cooking for an extra layer of aroma and taste.



  • Include Dhaniya Jeera Masala in marinades for meats, poultry, or vegetables to infuse them with a unique blend of spices before grilling or cooking.



  • Use Dhaniya Jeera Masala in stir-fried vegetables or paneer to elevate the flavor and add depth to the dish.

Snacks and Chaats:


  • Sprinkle Dhaniya Jeera Masala on snacks like roasted nuts, popcorn, or even on street-style chaats for a burst of flavor.

Dips and Sauces:


  • Incorporate Dhaniya Jeera Masala into homemade dips, sauces, or yogurt-based dressings to give them a distinct taste.

Soups and Stews:


  • Enhance the flavor of soups and stews by adding a pinch of Dhaniya Jeera Masala during the cooking process.

Seasoning for Bread:


  • Dust Dhaniya Jeera Masala on flatbreads, such as roti or naan, before cooking for a flavorful twist.

Vegetable or Meat Marinades:


  • Mix Dhaniya Jeera Masala with other spices and herbs to create flavorful marinades for vegetables, meats, or tofu.


  • Sprinkle a little Dhaniya Jeera Masala on salads or mix it into salad dressings for an added kick.


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